New Technological innovation – Wireless Electricity

Technology age has come alive and the best use of wireless technology has been introduced, this is called wireless electricity even though this type of electricity is not known to many people because its not a great success, researchers are doing research to make it a success in a big way. Electricity without wires is a dream come true, expected shortly to be introduced in the market.

What is wireless electricity?

The word wireless means there is no wires, Electricity without wires is called as wireless electricity, This has been successfully found by an MIT (Massachusetts Institute of technology) team, this type of electricity uses the basic physics to activate electronic products in a short range.  It has been tested successfully that this technology 100% works. But it has not been launched because it is not as effective as the normal electricity but soon you can expect this type of technology take shape in a big way.

How Wireless electricity works?

This type of electricity uses basic physics and makes the energy transferable through electromagnetic waves. This type of electricity transfers their energy in a particular frequency, these energy are transferred through magnetic coils which transmits electromagnetic waves in the home/ or where ever it has been implemented. Basics of wireless electricity are same, a Coil X (as Transmitter)and Coil Y( Receiver), Now Coil X the transmitter which is plugged into electricity will be placed in the main room which inturns transmit electromagnetic waves , the receiver will be kept near the electronic devices, in between if you keep any electronic devices it will start charging, if you keep a television or a radio in the range between  the Coil X and the Coil Y this will work.  All works under one frequency and with the help of electromagnetic waves.

Disadvantages of Wireless electricity

Disadvantages are little, Wireless electricity uses electromagnetic waves to transmit energy to electronic devices this can only work in a short range i.e., in a closed small room, because electromagnetic has the tendency to travel in all directions, it can’t be effective for a long range distance lot of energy will be wasted and when you move the electronic devices little bit far from the receiver the energy will become dull and ineffective.

Overall Wireless Electricity is a new innovation we all need to welcome it, if it doesn’t give any harm to our health and if it works in long range, the entire world will use this technology there will be have no wires.

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