What is wimax

What is wimax

Wimax in an abbreviated form means (Wireless Interoperability for Microwave Access) Wimax is designed to serve wireless data travel through
longer distance. Wimax provides wireless access upto 30 miles i.e 50km and upto 10 miles for mobile networks. Wimax operates on both licensed and non licensed frequencies in an regulated environment. Latest technology introduces wimax in mobile phones it helps mobile user to access internet easily.

Usage of Wimax

Wimax is a protocol that allows faster bandwidth use with less interfereance and through Wimax it allows higher transfer of data rates which travel longer distance. Through Wimax , wireless networking is easy.

Advantages of wimax

  • Through Wimax wireless networking is possible through longer distances
  • Wimax can run in licensed and non licensed frequencies
  • Wimax avoids interference
  • Wimax has Cost advantages
  • It has the capacity to offer different types of services in one platform
  • Disadvantages of Wimax and Wi-fi

    Wimax cannot provide quality of service because huge number of people trying to access the same tower. But wimax has its own advantages, many think that the tower becomes overloaded due to high number of requests from users but wimax has a innerbuilt algorithm which transfer the user to another wimax tower . In other cases, wifi if you want to access it, you need to be near the Wireless Access Point ( Wap) which has capacity to serve not more than 30 clients at a time in the range of about 50 to 150 metres distance.

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