Why People sell their endowment policy?

As endowment policies are taken by most of the people, some may feel the heat as it not going as per planned, most of the endowment policies are starting from 10 years to anywhere between 30 years. However, in this competitive world, ever increasing prices, keeping up the commitment of paying long term is always difficult, people might feel that the money poured into the policy seems to be wasted, if you want to get the money back quickly there are only two options is to either sell or surrender the policy.

What is Endowment Selling?

Endowment selling involves in selling your own policy to unknown party/company/investors in order to gain more returns on what you will get while you have paid the premiums for the whole term or surrender the policy. This type of endowment selling is commonly seen in UK.

Basic Criteria for selling an Endowment Policy

However, on the same you can sell an endowment policy where you have only completed couple online casino of years of premiums. There are certain criteria “s, which are to be met as you need to at least pay a premium of about five years, which will really attract the investors/third party to buy your endowment policy.

How to sell an Endowment Policy?

There are many endowment trading consultants and buying houses who are ready to buy your endowment policy, firstly, you need to first submit all your policy details such as the maturity date how many premiums have you

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paid, assured premium, etc. They will analyze the current market position, and then they will decide whether it is worth buying your policy. After this process is over, they will give you an Endowment quote for your policy. Sometimes as a policy holder can even get 30-40% increase in the returns on selling the endowment policy. Make sure you check with two or three quotes and sell your endowment policy, which is more profitable than surrendering it.

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