Why Child labor should be stopped?

Child is a wealth of our society. Child laboring decreases the physical, emotional & moral maturity of a child. Education to Childrens is neglected. Child labour means work done by children under fifteen.

Many children work in risky jobs are in danger of injury which may even lead to death. India being undeveloped has the highest number of child labour out of which 90% of them are in agriculture sector alone. Due to child labour, the children remain uneducated this causes a huge impact on the children future on education. Children in underprivileged country work to feed themselves & their family.

What are the causes of Child labor?

1.     Poverty under BPL is the major cause for child labour

2.     Abuse of a child

3.     Easy availability of child workers from slum areas

4.     Illiteracy of  Parents

5.     Social indifference

6.     Unawareness

7.     Absence of compulsory  primary education

8.     Lack of school facilities & health care

9.     Inadequate option for women

10.  Hardhearted attitude of employers

List of Child labor laws

1.     Children Act (1933)

2.     Motor transfer working Act (1961)

3.     Prohibition of child labour Act

4.     State shops & establishment Act

5.     Indian factories Act (1948)

6.     Merchant shipping Act (1958)

7.     Motor transfer working Act (1961)

8.     Bidi & cigarette Act (1966)

9.     Plantation labour Act (1951)

10.  Children employment Act (1938)

Ways to Stop child labor

1.     Childrens below 14 should not be allowed to work

2.     Childrens shall be facilitated to develop in a healthy society

3.     Child labour laws should be enforced

4.     Increasing the family income

5.     Education must be compulsory for children below 14

6.     Childrens must not be burdened by their family members

7.     Childrens should a source of income for poor families

8.     Ordinary person can help directly by lending a hand to individual children

Overall Child labor must be stopped on all aspects, Governments all over the world protecting children from working at a tender age.  Employers who keep their employees under 14 are severely fined and sometimes imprisoned in many countries.

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