What is Swine flu?

Swine flu or H1N1 virus is a severe and highly communicative respiratory disease caused by orthomyxo virus endemic to pig’s that infects mostly the respiratory tract of humans & various other symptoms.

How Swine Flu is affected to Humans ?

Two ways a Swine Flu can affect humans, this Swine flu has originated from Pigs to Humans. 1. From Pigs to Humans It is the most general mode of transmission. People working with poultry exposed to the virus. 2. From humans to Humans A healthy person gets the infection from an infected one’s. Sneezes or coughs of an infected person can transmit the virus into a healthy person.

Symptoms of the H1N1 swine flu

1. Fever 2. Cough 3. Nasal secretions 4. Fatigue (mostly reported) 5. Headache 6. Nausea 7. Diarrhea 8. collateral tissue damage 9. Severe respiratory symptoms 10. Pneumonia (secondary stage of infection). Death often occurs in this stage of infection to lungs. Diagnosis of Swine Flu: 1. For early diagnose of infection, the specimen from respiratory tract, throat, nasal aspiration are generally been collected within 4 to 5 days of illness. 2. The collected samples must be labeled properly with patient’s complete details & sent to clinical labs within 24 to 48 hours. 3. A Laboratory test called as the Rapid Antigen Test is performed.

Preventive Measures for Swine Flu

1. If possible stay at home & keep away from public places to avoid risk of virus to spread. 2. An infected person should close his mouth while coughing or sneezing. 3. Person experiencing the virus symptoms should at once seek a nearby hospital. 4. Regularly wash your hands with an alcohol based hand wash to protect from germs. 5. Ill persons should wear

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a face mask to avoid the spreading of infection. 6. Schools with a confirmed or a suspected case should be closed for few days. 7. An intra-nasal pain-free vaccine called NASOVAC can be used to fight against the deadly H1N1 virus. 8. Sleep well, be active physically, drink lots of water & eat nutritious food. These diseases came and swept lot of people lives, you need to be careful, cleanliness environment, good food and sleep will fight from all kinds of dangerous epidemic viruses like Swine Flu.

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