What is Proxy Server?

Proxy Server is a server that offers clients to have indirect network connections with other network connections. The clients can request for file, connection etc that are present in various server by just connecting to proxy server. Sometimes, the client requests may be altered by proxy server for different purposes.

Purposes of Proxy Server:

The proxy server provides a huge amount of usable purposes. It includes:

  • Faster access to the requested resources.
  • Enables high security.
  • Undesired sites are blocked.
  • Contents are scanned for spyware or malware before receiving.
  • Outbound content is also scanned.
  • Increases performance.
  • Requests can be filtered.

Types of Proxy Server:

There are four main types of Proxy Servers:

  • High anonymity proxy: It does not show itself like a proxy server and it does not show the genuine IP address.
  • Anonymous proxy: It shows itself like a proxy server and the genuine IP address is not available. Anonymous Proxy server is a detectable server.
  • Transparent proxy: It shows itself like a proxy server and also genuine IP address is identified through the headers of http.
  • Distorting proxy: It shows itself like a proxy server but identifies wrong IP address through the headers of http.

Uses of Proxy Server:

Advantages of Proxy Server:

  • Scalability,
  • Cost of ownership is low,
  • High performance, and
  • Easy to operate and manage.

Disadvantages of Proxy Server:

  • Less secure, and
  • Usage of E-mail, transferring of files and web surfing are limited in proxy server.

There is only couple of disadvantages in Proxy Server and Proxy Server serves as a best server for transferring resources between a client and real server.

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