What is Facebook?

Facebook is a website that offers social networking services to the people. Facebook website is privately operated by Facebook Inc. There are +600 million users of Facebook website till date (January 2011). This website allows users to create their own profile, to join with other users of website as friends, to stay connected with their friends through chat and share of photos & videos, and so on. It automatically informs when any of their friends update their profile. It also allows the users to join in users general interest groups such as school, college, working place, and more. Founders of Facebook: Mark Zuckerberg along with Dustin Moskovitz, Chris Hughes and Eduardo Saverin and were the founders of Facebook. Facebook was launched on Feb 2004. Features of Facebook: Some of the important features of Facebook website are:

  • News Feed: News feed is the home page of the website and it was announced on September 6, 2006 by Farooq Khan. This feature allows the users to see the latest updates

    of their friends. This feature has attracted many users.

  • Inbox: Facebook allows users to exchange their messages to everyone. This feature is available in website from the start date of Facebook. Facebook introduced Facebook Messages service on 15th November, 2010. It includes instant messaging, text messaging, and emails.
  • Chat: Facebook Chat was pre released on 5th April, 2008. This feature can be used only by the users of the Facebook. The users have the capability to chat with multiple friends at the same time.
  • Networks, Interested Pages and Groups: Facebook allows the users to join in various networks, groups etc. It offers privacy settings on network basis. Groups allow a number of users to share and discuss about a subject.
  • Wall: Wall is a feature that allows the users to post some messages to a user. The Wall of a user can be seen by everyone according to their privacy settings. It was announced on July, 2007.
  • Credits: The Facebook Credits is a currency that is used to buy gifts in applications and games in the website platform. From August 30, 2010, the Facebook gifts are disabled and therefore Facebook Credits are only used in games.
  • Some other features offered by Facebook website are: Easter eggs, IPv6, Facebook Live, Poke, Status Updates, URL Shortener and Facebook Phone.

Facebook allows easy and quick upload of photos and videos. It is the No.1 website for sharing image in the web. There are 41.6 % of US populations on Facebook till April 2010 (according to Social Media Today) because Facebook offers such exiting and entertaining features to the users.

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