What is Ergonomics?

A scientific study that deals with the relationship between a working man and his environment is known as Ergonomics. This study contains the applications of physiological, anatomical, and psychological activities of a man and his working environment. It includes relationship between a working man and his equipment, space, and occupation.

Ergonomics Product Physiography:

Ergonomics concerns on assurance of safety and to make the workers well being on workplace for maintaining high level of productivity. This deals on designing methods like work stations, working environment, and machine operation for matching the workers limitations and capabilities. Ergonomic principles are very effective and makes possible to do best product designs, workstation, training methods, system safety, and jobs.

The important objectives of Ergonomics are used for reaching the external compatibility with the manufacturing system and its environment, and the internal compatibility with the worker and his machine components.

The summary of system design is listed below:

  • It specifies the output and input to the system.
  • It specifies the functions that are to be done by a worker and by a machine.
  • It specifies a number of functions to transfer the inputs to outputs.
  • It specifies useful training procedures.
  • It specifies changes to offer compatibility to workers, environment, and machine.

Ergonomic Factors online casinos in Advanced Manufacturing System:

By adopting advanced manufacturing system, the productivity of an industry will be improved. The advanced manufacturing system consists of various technologies for increasing productivity. They are:

  • FMS (Flexible Manufacturing System),
  • Robotics,
  • Automation,
  • Programmable Controllers,
  • Machine Vision,
  • Machine Cells, and
  • CAD / CAM.

If the computer based tools are adopted, it allows the workers to maintain many manufacturing processes. FMS is the fully automated manufacturing system that includes set of advanced machines along with integrated software and hardware modules.

Ergonomic Problems in Advanced Manufacturing System:

  • Socio Psychological factors,
  • Requires skilled workers,
  • Decreases the interaction with workers, and
  • Causes some safety related problem to the machine as well as to the worker.

Advantages of Ergonomics:

  • Minimizes risks on injury.
  • Maximizes productivity.
  • Reduces absenteeism.


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