What is eCRM?

eCRM stands for Electronic Customer Relationship Marketing. eCRM relates all forms of managing customer relationship with the use of IT (Information Technology). It uses information technology for integrating the Internal Organization Resources and External Marketing Strategies to know and satisfy the needs of customers. When eCRM is compared with CRM, eCRM is very effective for communicating with the customers.

Difference between CRM and eCRM:

  • CRM uses phone, fax and retail store for contacting customers while eCRM uses wireless, PDA technology, internet and email.
  • CRM requires the client to definitely download different applications for viewing Web-Enabled applications while eCRM does not have such requirements.
  • The personalized views of CRM are not available while the personalized views of eCRM are related to purchase preferences and history.
  • The design of CRM system is related to job products and functions while the design of eCRM system is related to customer needs.
  • The maintenance of CRM is very expensive while the maintenance of eCRM is less expensive and requires only less time.

Strategy Components of eCRM:

The eCRM includes three strategic components such as:

  • Analytical: It helps the organization for maintaining long term customer relationship.
  • Operational: It avoids redundant processes.
  • Collaborative: It is very effective in sharing the information. 

Different Levels of eCRM:

The eCRM can be divided into three different levels, namely:

  • Customer Centered Services: It includes Product Configuration, Order Tracking, Customization, and Security.
  • Foundational Services: It includes only minimum services like Website Responsiveness, Effectiveness, and Order Fulfillment.
  • Value Added Services: It includes major services like Online Education & Training, and Online Auctions.

Interesting video on the benefits of CRM

Advantages of eCRM:

  • Less expensive,
  • Good Coverage, and
  • Supports right technologies.

Disadvantages of eCRM:

  • Difficult to measure and value the benefits of intangible.
  • Resolution rate are mixed.
  • User acceptance is poor.


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