What is Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)?

A vehicle that is operated independently along with the defined pathways in the floor is known as Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV). It is highly intelligent, versatile, and flexible in material handling processes. An AGV is generally powered by batteries. Modern Automated Guided Vehicles are integrated with computers and microprocessor for controlling the vehicles. It also includes position feedback systems for travelling in the correct path. It uses electric signals and RF communications for communicating between the system controller and the vehicle.

Components of Automated Guided Vehicle:

The components of AGV include:

  • Vehicle Guidance,
  • Routing Components,
  • Traffic Control,
  • Safety Components, and
  • System Management Components.

Types of Automated Guided Vehicle: The types of AGV contain the following:

  • AGV Towing Vehicle: It is the

    AGVs first type. It is also known as automated guided tractor. It uses pallet trucks, flatbed trailers and custom trailers. It is normally used for long distance travel and high volume.

  • AGV Unit Load Carriers: It is used for transporting single unit load onboard. It carries non powered or powered chain, belt deck, custom deck or roller. It uses forklift truck, pallet truck etc., for moving the loads.
  • AGV Pallet Trucks: It does not require any special device for loading purposes. The loads are loaded on the pallets. It features only limited floor level loading and unloading from palletized load. This type is used widely in distribution functions.
  • AGV Forklift Trucks: It is used to pickup and place the palletized load. There can be different heights to pickup and place the loads. According to the load, the vehicle has the ability to position its fork. This type AGV is very expensive.
  • AGV Light Load Transporters: It is used for handling small and light loads and can be moved only to moderate distance. The capacity of carrying loads in this type is less than 500 lb.
  • AGV Assembly Line Vehicles: It is used for serial assembly systems. It adds high flexibility to the manufactured processes. This type AGV is less expensive and also easy to install.

Benefits of Automated Guided Vehicle:

  • Real time monitor and control.
  • Highly flexible.
  • Maximizes safety.
  • Easy to install and maintain.

An automated guided vehicle is particularly used for material handling processes. There are many researches going on for creating AGV simulator along with onboard capabilities. Therefore, rise of specific problems can be stopped with such simulation process.          

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