What is a database management system?

Database Management System is a collection of software programs that is meant for storing records in computers. This software allows accessing of data such as delete, store, retrieve etc that are available in a database. Purpose of Database Management Systems:

  • During early days, for storing data a file system is used.
  • In a file system, it is difficult to access data, data inconsistency, integrity and security problems etc.
  • So database management system was first developed on 1960 by Charles Bachman.
  • Database Management System provides many solutions for problems that are occurred in a file system.

Areas of Database Management Systems: There are many areas where Database Management Systems are used. Some of them are:

  • Airlines: Used for storing information such as availability of seats, train timings etc.
  • Banking: Used to store customer details, accounts, transaction etc.
  • Telecommunication: For storing bills, caller names etc.
  • Universities: To store students register no., marks etc.
  • Human Resources: For storing employee details, salary etc.
  • Sales: Helps to store customer information,
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Advantages of Database Management Systems:

  • Faster access to information.
  • Cost for user training is low.
  • Multiple usages at a time.
  • No dependence in language.
  • High data security.
  • Eliminates data redundancy.
  • Consistency in data.

Disadvantages of Database Management Systems: There are only minor problems present in database management systems. They are:

  • Slightly expensive.
  • Requires trained technical employee for operation.
  • Damage in database deletes all data forever.
  • Data conversion is very costly and difficult.
  • Organization has to spend more amounts for training a staff to operate DBMS.

The goal of database management system is to offer more convenience as well as more efficiency to access data from a database with high security. Therefore, nowadays Database Management System is used in all fields for gaining more advantages.

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