What is voIP,traditional telephony vs IP telephony

What is VoIP?

Voice Over Internet Protocol is a technology, which basically transmits voice over a data networking, which includes Internet LAN and other networks this technology is widely used over Internet. This is also popularly called as IP telephony. Modems help to connect computer likewise voip enables humans to speak over Internet connections.

Pc to pc connections can be established very easily through voip, it became popular when Yahoo introduced voice chat in their messenger system. Voip works in such a way that it compresses and then broadcast data over the network.

Traditional Telephony Vs Ip telephony (VoIP)
A traditional telephone system cannot be compared with VoIPtelephony in terms of the money you are spending through a telephony compared to voip telephony costs. I’m going to explain you a list of benefits that you get from voip compared to a normal telephone system.

  • Compared to telephony lines, voIP can reduce the number of access lines
  • No way to getting a recurring carrier charges.
  • Save huge amount of cost compared to normal telephony

Negatives of voIP

  • Voice delay is a usual thing in voIP
  • In normal telephone lines don’t fail 99% but voIP fail more than normal telephone.
  • Clarity of Voice may drop but there is no chance in a telephone unless your telephone line has some problem
  • Low prices in voIP but not that reliable, it depends upon the Internet connection speed.

Most of the people nowadays choose voip to make long distance calls mainly because of the cost, but right now the most reliable way of communication is through normal telephone lines, in future if the technology advances in VOIP, then VoIP is the only best solution which is going to rule the world. Many companies having branches all over the world has implemented VoIP to reduce the overheads. Fingers crossed about how voIP going to perform in future.

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