Vizio Ultra Widescreen Cinema HDTV

Vizio is the America’s no.1 LCD TV manufacturing company that has decided to launch new ultra wide screen HDTV. The HDTV delivers 21:9 aspect ratio for displaying 2.35:1 movies. It brings natural cinematic experience together without creating any black bars. The 50 inches and 58 inches size HDTVs will be launched later this year and the company has also decided to inaugurate 71 inches size HDTV at CES.

Features of Vizio Ultra Widescreen Cinema HDTV:

  • Vizio Ultra Widescreen Cinema HDTV provides a display resolution of 2560 x 1080 HD pixels. The display features impressive, wide and natural view with 21:9 aspect ratio. It is even capable of displaying old 16:9 aspect ratio movies with true cinematic experience.
  • The LCD HDTV includes VIA (Vizio Internet Applications)
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    feature. It has the capability of browsing the internet applications in 16:9 high definition display. Simultaneously, the internet applications can be browsed on left side while watching a 16:9 HD image on right side.

  • Facebook, Netflix, Flickr, Amazon, Rhapsody, Twitter, Yahoo, Pandora and VUDU TV widgets are available by just touching a button. Recently, additional internet applications are included such as TuneIn Radio, Fandango, MediaBox, Web videos, My cast, Wiki TV, iMemories and Yahoo fantasy football.
  • It features a built in QWERTY keyboard in a Bluetooth universal remote. The internet browsing can also be accessed using built in dual band Wi-Fi 802.11 n connectivity.
  • The LCD HDTV also offers 3D Vizio theatre technology. This technology provides flicker free image, fast motion videos without any blurring, brighter images etc.
  • It provides excellent audio quality through SRS surround sound system. This SRS surround system delivers a clear and high quality in dialog.

So far Philips is the only one company that manufactures 21:9 aspect ratio HDTVs and these HDTVs are only available in European countries. Therefore Vizio Ultra Widescreen HDTV will impress the U.S. customers with its widescreen features. Overall this ultra widescreen HDTV will be the best widescreen LCD HDTV featuring the natural cinematic experience with true HD surround sound.

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