who is Virtual assistant and advantages of VA?

Who is a Virtual Assistant?

if you small, medium or large companies are getting busier day by day. There is always a risk of not able to complete some of the important work of small or big nature. Here is where a virtual assistant plays an important part on doing your work efficiently from a remote place. A virtual assistant is an independent self employed individual, not working for any company/organization carrying out his or her work basically from the home.

A virtual assistant can be located in any country/state still they can work efficiently completing your job as a real-time employee.  VA (Virtual Assistant) are the owners of their work schedule they decide their working style and hours. They charge companies or people according to the valuable services they perform as a virtual assistant. When technology emerges fast these types of job is getting more popular. A virtual assistant uses technology like email, voice chat or video chat, telephones, fax machines to work with their client’s requirements.

Advantages of Virtual Assistant

VA has a variety of services for you to select and somewhere  on any point of time VA will be very useful. VA will be very suitable for small concerns and other businesses which are basically from home without enough infrastructure support. These companies, home based businesses require
administrative assistance and it helps in reducing the cost of employing a person for your business.

Next thing is by appointing VA’s you save your important time on dealing with small things and save money on infrastructure expenses. Virtual assistant helps you to reduce your stress or tension levels considerably
through their work, only on disadvantage with virtual assistant which you can also probably avoid when you take initial precautions of explaining your business well to them help VA to carry out your job efficiently, otherwise you might end up with frustration of wrong communication between you and your VA and the whole part of work allotted to a VA will be at risk.

How much I have to pay for an VA?

VA are basically people who possess some skills and who can provide assistance on administrative and as well as clerical level for your company. They normally work from home, because of that the cost factor will be low when compared to a full time employee. They normally at an average of 25$ to 50$ but remember these charges can vary depending upon the nature of work.

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