Top three Best Places in Singapore

Singapore is located in the South of Peninsular Malaysia. It is an island nation and the smallest country in South East Asia. Singapore is one of the wonderful tourist places. In 2006, there were 9 million tourists visited Singapore. It has many fascinating places to visit, but there are three important and best places that every visitor must see.

Top three Best Places in Singapore:

The Merlion:

The Merlion is a mythical beast that is built with half lion on the top and half fish on the bottom. It is said to be the mascot of Singapore. The appearance of Merlion shows the strength and courage of Singapore citizens. It is nothing but a famous Statue.

The Merlion is located at the mouth of Singapore River. Near the Merlion, there are many shops and restaurants. This is the place where everyone can find nice natural sceneries and also a good place to relax.


The Sentosa is an island that is located at the south of main Singapore Island. It is the famous Sentosa beach resort of Singapore. It offers great top notch hotels for accommodation. The most fascinating place in Sentosa is the Underwater World where different sea creatures can be seen.

Sentosa Island has the places of relics from Second World War. It offers some enjoying activities like kayaking, banana boat and beach side volleyball. The things that are sold in Sentosa are more expensive.

The Singapore Zoo:

The Singapore Zoo is one of the most visited tourist place in Asia. This is the must see place if anyone travelling with kids. The Singapore Zoo offers many non native animals such as polar bears, Asian Elephants and White tigers. The importance in Singapore Zoo is the Singapore Night Safari.

The Singapore Zoo offers a 45 minute tram ride and also three Walking Trails. It covers 8 geographical zones that is 40 hectares of forest. It also offers to visit over hundreds of different spices of nocturnal animals like lions, tigers and leopards.

The tourist places in Singapore makes very enjoyable during visit. But the above three places are must see tourist destinations that make even more enjoyable. However, a tour to Singapore always makes more fun which never ends.

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