Top three Facebook Apps

Facebook is the one of the best and popular website for social networking service on the internet. It has over 600 million users all over the world. Facebook is not only for sharing user’s views with their friends, but it is also for spending some time in most entertaining applications.

Facebook offers more than 550, 000 applications to the users. It is difficult to judge which app is good and entertaining. Therefore, here are 3 best applications for the users.


FarmVille is one of the most used applications in Facebook. It has over 16 Million  average users per day. This is the app that has taken Facebook to the top. FarmVille application allows the users to create and organize their own farm. It also lets to buy animals and regularly grow and tend the crops. It can be also played with their friends and therefore it creates more excitement.

Cafe World:

Cafe World is also another application that has taken Facebook to the top. It may be the favorite application for many users. It allows the user to be as the restaurant owner. The job for the user is to develop the restaurant as the best one by regularly buying and preparing food and after the user can employ their friends as waiters. And therefore it is friend’s job to deliver the food to customers.


iLike application allows the users to add playlists, audios and videos to their profile. It also allows dedicating of favourite songs to their friends and can get some interesting comments from the friends as well. This application has been attracted by many users and over 60 million users are using this application.

Facebook also offers other applications such as Mafia Wars, Bejeweled Blitz, Pet Society, Status Shuffle, Scrabble, Social Interview and more. Overall, Facebook is the best social network service with many fascinating applications.

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