Vizio M260MV RazorLED LCD HDTV – Best for the middle income groups

Vizio M260MV RazorLED LCD HDTV – Best for the middle income groups

Vizio has brought a new budget – friendly Razor LED LCD HDTV in the markets under the model number M260MV. It is considered to be the first LED HDTV to come in the smaller display size of 26 Inches. This HDTV can deliver high quality pictures with vibrant color and incredible contrast. This HDTV will be an ideal choice and will be perfectly suitable for middle income groups and family.

1.     Easy to place anywhere:

I think that the middle class people will like to have a thin HDTV in their home. But they find these sorts of television in higher cost. For that reason, Vizio has introduced a low expensive HDTV with slim attractive design. It is only 0.85 inches thin and this device can be easily placed anywhere in your house as you will.

2.     Brings Full HD videos:

The M260MV will bring you full high definition 1080p resolution pictures on its average screen size of 26 inches. The quality of the image is delivered in sharp and vivid details with its two million pixels. As it is a Razor LED HDTV, it is free of mercury and also energy efficient as well. With its thin design, the picture will reach an enhanced dynamic contrast ratio of 20000:1, which will bring incredible bright whites (300 – nits of brightness) and deep blacks.

3.     Energy efficient:

This HDTV not only saves your purchasing price, but also decreases your money in your electricity bill too with the help of its ECO HD feature. This feature will go beyond Energy Star 4.1 guidelines for almost 20 percent and with the use of energy efficient sensors, the images are adjusted automatically based on room lighting. With no doubt, I feel that the middle class people will certainly gain more advantages through these features.

4.     Better sound clarity:

Without good sound clarity, the full high definition videos will not be a better one to the viewers. As a result, you will get a SRS TruSurround HD feature for delivering crystal clear high definition sound. It also brings you SRS TruVolume facility for adjusting the inconsistent volumes during different the programs.

Apart from these features, this HDTV has got one USB connection and three HDMI ports as well.

Overall, if you are looking for a less expensive LED HDTV , I will definitely recommend this  HDTV to buy because of its better picture and sound, power saving features and compact in size. The price will be perfectly suitable for middle income groups to watch movies and your favorite talk shows  in 1080p Full HD.


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