Top Four Reasons Why Smartphone Manufacturers Should Use Gorilla Glass 5

Top Four Reasons Why Smartphone Manufacturers Should Use Gorilla Glass 5

Today we have the luxury of carrying around many of our electronic items, some of them can even be deemed indispensable for the business class. In order to shield items like mobile phones, mp3 players, tablets, notebooks etc from getting damaged and the screen from even getting scratched, Gorilla Glass 2 will play a pivotal role.

After Apple has acknowledged its connection with Corning, the company which manufactures Gorilla Glass, the market for Gorilla is set to grow. Here are four reasons which we think why manufacturers should use Gorilla Glass 2:

 Reason # 1 –  Thin

Gorilla Glass 2 is just 4/5th the thickness of its predecessor with no compromise on its strength. This implies that smarter and thinner devices, more specifically tablets and smart phones, can be created as very sleek and sophisticated ones. Gorilla Glass 2 can be manufactured at .5 millimeters of thickness which translates to just 4 strands of human hair! That is super thin!

 Reason # 2 –  Better Touch Responses and Brighter Images

Gorilla Glass 2 is thin and this thinness throws open a variety of possibilities. One of them is that instruments using touch screens will be able to generate better touch responses because the glass is thin. The thinness also enables greater clarity and brightness of pictures for the naked eye to see. Greater clarity and brightness of images is the very essence of videos which are an integral part of any tablet or smart phone. Even viewing 3d images is feasible.

 Reason # 3 –  Damage Resistant

Gorilla Glass 2 is very tough and is developed to resist a lot of day to day damages like scratches, chips and slight impacts too. Gorilla Glass 2 can take upto 121 pounds of stress which makes it equipments having Gorilla Glass 2 remarkably strong. Thin yet tough again makes mobiles and tablets durable. Travel related cracks and hits can be avoided if Gorilla Glass 2 is used.

Reason # 4 – Easy to Clean and Facilitates Customization

Gorilla Glass 2 panels have simplified the cleaning process and fingerprints, smudges etc can be cleaned in a jiffy. In the smart phone and tablet segment, this implies that their efficiency and functionality does not get hampered due to dirt. Gorilla Glass 2 also enables printing on glass, enabling customization. Companies can print on the panels to add to the aesthetics of the product.

Summing up, Gorilla Glass 2 is the quintessential soft look but tough interior hero! The reduction of thickness adds to the beauty of the glass panels opening up vistas of customization without having to worry about the strength and durability.


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