Top four reasons why Gateway NV55C39U highly suitable for travelers

Notebooks are very useful for these people because they are compact, easy to work and latest notebooks come with high level specifications. These are top five reasons that I believe this would be a suitable notebook for a traveler.

Reason 1 – Windows 7 Operating system

This runs with Windows 7 Operating system, one of the biggest hits of Microsoft”s products in recent times. I have used this operating system it is flexible and has got cool features, which will make anyone use the system with ease.

Reason 2 – Intel Core i5-480M Processor

New generation processors are especially fast to process applications simultaneously. Intel Core i5 processor helps a user to work on different things at a single point of time. You can open various roulette types of applications, browse through the internet and efficiently do all the work at a faster pace.

Reason 3 – 4GB Dual Channel SDRAM and 500 GB of SATA Hard Drive

You can imagine how fast will be the notebook with the combination of Intel Core i5 Processor and 4GB SDRAM. You can open as many windows as you like and the Notebook rarely sucks. 500 GB HDD will be more than enough to store all your important documents, applications, movies and your favorite music.

Reason 4 – 15.6 inch Ultra Bright Wide screen with High Definition Video and Audio

This notebook has got a screen size of 15.6 inch. It comes with Full HD wide screen, which will enhance user experience when compared to other recent notebooks released with smaller screen size. When you travel across you tend to look out for entertainment at some stage. This notebook has got all the features to bring High definition video and audio experience to the users.

Apart from the above specifications, this notebook has got all the latest ports such as USB 2.0, HDMI and VGA, and it also supports Wi-fi. Overall, this is why I think this Gateway NV55C39U notebook will be highly suitable for travelers.

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