Top Four NFC Enabled Android Smart phones for the Business Class

Top Four NFC Enabled Android Smart phones for the Business Class

Near Field Communications has been in the news constantly because of the various options that it offers. NFC featured devices can detect and work together within the stipulated range. Further there are very less connectivity issues with NFC. High end smart phones these days are featuring NFC as a facet. Any gadget is designed and has its features enhanced so that it can add value to the business class. In this article we endeavor to discuss some of the top smart phones which support both Android and NFC, thereby providing the business class with some additional benefits.

Smart Phone # 1 – Galaxy Nexus

Galaxy Nexus is the first phone which has used Android 4.0 i.e Ice cream Sandwich and has Near Field Communications enabled in it. It is a high end smart phone from Samsung has 4.65 inch HD AMOLED display and offers a wide range of cool apps. This is the arguably the best NFC enabled smart phone in the market so far and a must have for the top notch business person.

Smart Phone # 2 – Samsung Galaxy Ace 2

Another Samsung Smart Phone, Galaxy Ace 2 runs on Android version 2.3 which is the Gingerbread version. The screen size is smaller than Galaxy Nexus, however that does not hinder the NFC process. Further, this smart phone allows the user

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to transmit music from the phone to the user’s car: which is great for business people who have to drive.

Smart Phone # 3 – HTC Amaze 4G

While Samsung has been dominating the Android and NFC hybrid market, HTC Amaze 4G is a non Samsung smart phone which has the Near Field Communications option. Further it has a 4.3inches HD screen and an 8MP camera which will take care of the leisure needs of a business traveler.

Smart Phone # 4 – Sky Vega Racer from Pantech

Sky Vega Racer from Pantech is a Korean smart phone which was initially designed for its domestic market. However, its features are comparable to that of Galaxy S2 and may hit the international markets too. It has a dual core processor, a 4.3 inches display and comes in four color variants: Ideal for the business class who loves to have choices in colors. The business class can opt to choose or reject any model because of the variety of NFC enabled smart phones available today. NFC is here to stay and in the future, any phone which does not have NFC will not be easily accepted as a high end smart phone. Source:

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