Top Four Differences that will make gamers purchase Sony S1 rather than S2

Sony S1 and S2 Playstation Certified Tablet from Sony Sony has announced has recently announced Android tablets exclusively targeting gamers. Sony has announced two tablets ( S1 and S2)which have got identical features. Now after two months they have released a Tablet which comes with Android Honeycomb operating system, and it is a play station certified tablet which was just released on April 26th, 2011. 1.

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Design comparison between Sony S1 and S2 tablet The Design of Sony S1 tablet is looking like a Slate, which has a common and popular format of design. Sony S2 is designed like a box where you can open and close it. However, Sony S1 tablet definitely saves at least 10 seconds when compared with Sony S1 to take it and operate. 2. Screen Size TV is the best old example that we can remember of viewing anything in full stretch. Even though Sony S2 has Dual screen, it is more or less disturbing viewer attention while playing a game. Playing a game needs concentration and involvement, Sony S1 tablet screen size is 9.4 Inches, which will help gamers to play a game more smoothly. When you check the screen size of Sony S2 Tablet it is just 5.5 inches. 3. Dual camera Most of the gamers buy these tablets are people who are in the young age and middle . These people will use their tablets for Video Chatting. Sony S1 has Dual camera both on the front and back helps users to do Video chatting using 3G or 4G data connectivity but Sony S2 does not have a Dual camera. 4. Price Difference At least there will be a marginal difference in the price between Sony S1 and Sony S2 tablet. If you are gamer you get all the things required for a tablet which is made for gamers. Why you need to pay more for a tablet which contains more or less same features? These are the top four differences why I think gamers will prefer Sony S1 rather than S2 tablet. Note: Copying this article is prohibited, this article is for informational purposes only.

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