Freshers Interview questions

1) The main reason to ask questions in an interview is to know about the job seeker’s skills. If the questions asked by the interview conductors are answered with a brief notes and confident by a job seeker, then there are more chances of getting placed in that company. Many of them are having some doubts like what questions will be asked in an interview. So, here are five most commonly asked questions in an interview: 2) Say something about you? – This is one of the most commonly asked questions in all interviews, and at the same time this question is the toughest question to answer. Just answer only about professional skills, achievements and qualifications in brief

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note. Don’t say the name, date of birth, parents name and hobbies. 3) Why we need to hire you? – This question is as same as the previous question. During this time, say the working experiences, achievements made in the profession, and what are the achievements that can be made in this company. 4) What are the weaknesses you have? – In terms of weakness, answer what are the skills that are improved and the answer must be related to the work. Say all answers in a positive manner. The answer should not stop up with only saying the weak points; it should be ended up by saying about the steps that have been taken to change the weak points as well. 5) What is the reason to work here? – To answer this question, take a short note about

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the company before the interview. This might help a little. Say about some interesting factors of company and willingness to work. For this question, should not say the answer mainly because of more salary. This might make you one step lower. What is your expected salary? As same as the last question, take a note of salary range for that position. This is an important question which is to be answered carefully. If the salary that is offered for this position is known, reveal the offered salary as the expected salary. This will be a great advantage to get selected. If these questions are asked in an interview, be prepared and be positive to say the answer without any hesitation and fear. This will definitely make a chance to hire a place in the company.

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