Top 10 Android 3.0 features

Recently, Android operating systems are most commonly used in smart phones, tablets, net books etc. because of their fascinating applications and features. The android built in smart phones are at the top of the hot list. With this success, they have developed new Android 3.0 OS that depends on new technology and offers many additional features.

Top 10 Android 3.0 features:

Download applications from Android Marketplace

The new Android market is designed specially by Google for android devices. This application is used to browse and download ads on the Android market.


Multitasking is the most important feature required in the android phone. It allows operating two or more things at a time such as browsing through the internet and downloading music or video at the same time.

Tracking facility:

Tracking is the new application that is developed in Android 3.0. This application is used to track family, friends and other members depending on their permission. This application is also used to find the lost device with the use of PC.

Audio and Video editing:

Audio and Video editing application is used in Android 3.0 for editing video with good quality sounds and synchronization.

Better GPS:

GPS application is also designed by Google for android phones. This application is used to find directions on Google maps during travelling to unknown place. It features many updated locations and sites on the map.

Improved battery life and power managements:

The Android phones had one main disadvantage with less battery timings. With new technology, the Android 3.0 OS comes with improved battery timings and power management that helps to operate the device for longer time.

Integration of Google documents:

This application is a web based spread sheets that helps users for doing their work either in home or office. It features word, presentation, data or form.

Built in Remote Desktop:

Built in remote desktop is used to operate the computer on the android phone via an internet connection from any location.

Infrared transmitter with Universal remote function:

This application is used to grasp powerful IR signals for watching different entertainment programs in the android phones.

Advanced Media Player:

The advanced media player in Android 3.0 allows playing and listening music and watching video with good quality sounds.

Android is already an advanced operating system in the world. So, there is no doubt with these amazing features on Android 3.0 operating system will definitely rock the markets with smartphones and tablets.       

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