Tips to rejuvenate yourself after workouts

Exercise is really a good habit. Most of the people do not do exercise, and they suffer from various health problems. Exercise should be one of the important activities to do everyday.  There are different kinds of exercises you can adopt people call it in different ways.  You can do floor exercises . You can do aerobics kind of exercises, Yoga with proper guidance  and Body building exercises. All the exercises can contribute a lot to your mind and body.

Four Tips to Rejuvenate after your strenuous workout in One hour

1.  Duration: 5 Minutes If you really do the exercise with full concentration, you will be sweating like anything, you will definitely lose a lot of liquids from your body. Best way to rejuvenate is to drink plenty of water but keep the stomach half empty do not fill the stomach completely with water. You can try some energy drink like Gatarode, Powerade, etc.

2. Duration : 20 Minutes Having a shower after you completed your workout is really a good thing, most of the gym’s you can find steam bath. People love to take a shower after a strenuous  workout.

3.  Duration: 20 Minutes Just cut all the fruits like apple, banana, orange, mango mix it up and add some honey to it and then eat this as a recipe, you will feel that you are rejuvenated.

4.  Duration : 15 minutes Whatever exercises you do, there is a posture called shavasana (Check out Google for the pose and get instructions how to do it ) where you lay down and keep you both hand a little bit wider from the knees and just close your eyes and meditate on one thing. Your mind will be relaxed, and you will be ready for the day.

After your workout if you do these things, you will feel fresh and healthy through out the day.

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