Five Important checklist tips for designing professional business cards

If you do a business, one of the important things you need to have is your business card. Your business cards can act as a marketing tool to generate more business but there are many people do not give more importance to the visiting cards, and they do not care about their business card, and they know a contact information and name is sufficient for a business card, but to extract more from it, you need to include many things in your business card, there is no point in giving a business visiting card, which is not appealing and does not include the important elements for a professional business card. Here are some of the important things to do and a checklist of important elements you need to make sure before designing a business card.

  • Before designing a card , it’s a good idea to see other competitors business cards, how they have done little small things that you implement on a business card can give you a greater success.
  • Layout and Theme: First comes the layout of the business card, Where
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    you want your contact information to be placed where you need to place your name and designation these things you need to decide based on other professional business cards, and then you go for the design you can see many flashy designs available to make the business card more attractive, there are many online websites that offer you to create a business card on their website and you can save or order for prints. Selecting the theme of your business card is very important. The theme should relate to your services or products that you deal. You need to have the right kind of fonts for each section of the business card, and you need to have a good color combination which synchronizes with the theme.

  • Do not stuff more information, a visiting card will be appealing when it has got the right amount of information, if you have five offices and many numbers it is not necessary to put all the addresses of offices and phone numbers, just put your contact information as short as possible.
  • Checklist on contact information : Make sure you include these things in the card which are your Company Logo and company name, your Name, Designation , Company address, Ground line number and your mobile number and a short description about the list of products or services you deal.
  • Adding a Magic Tagline : If you are selling products it is a good idea to implement tag line saying that free gifts are possible by producing this card on sale, in this way they will not throw the card into the dustbin.
  • Adding your awards and certifications: In a small way, you can add your awards and recognition, In the future if they want a service that you are doing when they look at your card these awards and recognitions give more trust about your company, and they will immediately call you and you get a more business through business cards.

You can get more and more leads and business through business cards if you follow these elements of designing a professional business card.

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