Table tennis History and about the game

Table Tennis: A history

Many say that the lawn tennis players discovered the game of Table Tennis. But that was not of certain, the game was actually found by the mid-upper class people of Britain in the year “1882” when one of the Victorian officer shaped a cork of the champagne into a ball, cigar box cover as the bat and turned the dining table as the playing region in idea to make it an indoor version of lawn tennis. The game was played with the tennis rackets like paddles and the table was structured in such a way that it actually looked in a shape of pear.

From the time of invention till “1930” this game was played as an after dinner enjoyment and played at parties, later on it has casino online made significant change increasing its craze along with lawn tennis and badminton in England, Central Europe, China, Japan, Korea and many other countries. Table Tennis was earlier known as Ping-Pong game, (Note: this sport is also known as Gossamer, Flim-Flam and Whiff-Whaff, Parlour Tennis, Pom-Pom, Netto, Royal Game, Tennis de Salon in some countries). This game has become
a major sport worldwide played by more than 40 million viable players. Due to high reputation of this sport worldwide the ITTF came in to concern in to
insure that the sport play a vital role in the development of human skills and technology to evade making the game much easier for the players who serves first.
They also made a strict use of précised gears and also follow the terms and conditions before playing the game.

Modern Table Tennis is much different game from the game that was played by the people in earlier. From the time of its commencement till now Table Tennis game has become a people’s favorite. Davida Hawthorn ( She is 1945 U.S. Women”s Singles Champion ,learned her table tennis at what is probably, historically, the most famous Club in U.S. table tennis–Herwald Lawrence”s Broadway Courts in midtown Manhattan, New York City ), MA Lin , Tamara boros, Gao jun, Wang Hao are some of the top players of this particular sport.

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