Spy camera CVVM-I118 comes in a Keychain model

Spy camera CVVM-I118 comes in a Keychain model

Chinavasion drops another new spy camera in its product list under the product code CVVM-I118. It is designed similar to a car remote key chain and so you can take it anywhere easily.

The size of this camera may be small but the way it captures the photos and videos are in high resolution. The significant points of this small device are described shortly below. This spy camera will be very useful for investigators, police department , private detectives and anyone can use it creatively in many ways  to capture secret video.

Captures perfect quality images and videos:

This device can capture the digital stills in an image resolution of 4032 x 3024 pixels. It stores the images in the JPEG file format. It also records high definition videos (1280 x 720 capture resolution at 30 fps) in the AVI file format.

Easy to carry and control:

This spy camera is compact in size (50 x 35 x 12 mm) and light weighted. The way of controlling this device is made too easy. When the button is pressed, it will capture the images and as soon as the button is pressed for a long time, it will start recording the videos. I think that you won’t get a device like this with such easier operation.

Lot of place online casino to store:

The CVVM-I118 comes to markets with the 8 GB microSD memory card, and I feel that you will not miss any picture. You can also increase the storage memory of this camera up to 16 GB. The important files stored in the microSD card can be transferred easily to a computer with the use of USB connection.

Battery stands for long time:

This light weight camera with rechargeable 240 mAh internal battery has the capability to record the videos for a maximum time of around 60 to 70 minutes. As a result, you can stay confident that you won’t fail to capture a scene.


The CVVM-I118 spy camera will be in your hands for a price of $51.72.
This spy camera is nearly undetectable and looks very similar to a car remote. Overall, this spy camera will be the finest device for capturing the secret information.

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