Intel Core i5 2.66 GHz with 3 M cache

Intel has launched a new i5 processor called Intel Core i5 – 520M Processor on the market and it is available from the first quarter of 2011. It has got a clock speed of 2.66 GHz with 3 M cache and it is built up with high end specifications and technologies.

Specifications of Intel Core i5 – 480M Processor

Intel Core i5 – 480M Processor includes 2 cores and 4 threads. It features 2.66 GHz clock speed and supports a maximum turbo frequency of 2.933 GHz. It comprises of 3Mb Intel Smart Cache. The Bus / Core ratio offered is 20 with 2.5 GT/s DMI. It provides an instruction set of 64 – bit and also provides SSE 4.1, and SSE 4.2 instruction set extensions. It is made in 32 nm lithography. It consumes a maximum TDP of 35 W.


Intel Core i5 – 480M Processor is equipped with a maximum memory size of 8 GB (reliant on the memory type) with DDR3 – 800 / 1066 memory type. It provides 2 memory channels. It supports a maximum memory bandwidth of 17.1 GB/s. It extends the physical address to 36 – bit.

Graphics Specifications

Intel Core i5 – 480M Processor is powered by integrated graphics like Intel HD Graphics and Intel HD Graphics along with Dynamic Frequency. It has 500 MHz of graphics base frequency and 766 MHz of graphics maximum dynamic frequency. It includes Intel FDI (Intel Flexible Display Interface), Intel Clear Video technology, Dual Display Capable, and Intel Clear Video HD technology.

Package Specifications

Intel Core i5 – 480M Processor offers maximum CPU configuration of 1. It measures a package size of rPGA 37.5 mm x 37.5 mm and BGA 34 mm x 28 mm. It has 105 degree Celsius of T-junction. The size of processing die is 81 mm^2 and has got 382 million of processing die transistors. The graphics and IMC lithography is 45 nm with 114 mm^2 size of graphics and IMC die and 177 million of graphics and IMC die transistors. It supports some sockets like BGA 1288 and PGA 988. It is available with halogen free options.

The advanced technologies equipped in this processor are Intel Hyper Threading technology, Intel Turbo Boost technology, Intel Virtualization technology, Intel 64, Enhanced Intel Speed Step technology, Idle States, Execute Disable Bit, Intel Flex Memory Access, and Intel Fast Memory Access.

It also has several expansion options. They are PCI Express Revision 2.0, 1 x 16 of PCI Express Configurations, and 1 PCI Express Ports.

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