Six benefits of using Gobi™ technology for European and USA mobile and laptop users

Before understanding about Gobi™ technology, let us know about the two top networks HSDPA and EV-DO 3G networks. These are the two 3G networks which are mostly used networks in Europe and USA Most of the laptop or mobile users in Europe use HSDPA and people who living in USA use EV-DO 3G network. However, the biggest problem they are facing now is the compatibility issue on connecting to these two networks. Laptops or mobile users using HSDPA in Europe cannot connect to the EV-DO 3G network in USA. Business travelers and other people who travel a lot to USA and Europe have to switch their data cards in order to get the 3G networks connected to their device. This problem is solved with the Introduction of the new mobile 3G broadband technology introduced by Qualcomm, which is called as Gobi™. What is Gobi™ Mobile Broadband 3G Technology - Gobi ChipsetGobi is a new mobile broadband 3G technology which is embedded into your notebook/laptop in the form of chipset which was introduced by Qualcomm in the late 2007. It has now picked up its popularity in providing a solution to this problem for European and USA mobile broadband users. This technology will be very useful for business and normal users. This technology has got some great benefits some of the six are explained below.

Six benefits of using Gobi™ mobile broadband 3G technology

1. Save money and time on

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switching data cards Previously, people use to switch data cards when they travel to Europe or to USA. Now there is no need to switch data cards because laptops coming with built-in Gobi chipset can work with both HSDPA and EV-DO networks. 2. Access Internet anywhere You do not have to depend on Wi-Fi Hotspots to access internet, you can freely connect to the broadband wherever you are in Europe or USA at 3G speeds. 3. From mobile to laptop Major benefit of using the built-in Gobi chipset on both Mobile and laptops is it can connect 3G speeds with your mobile/laptop anywhere in Europe or USA. This Mobile broadband technology is very useful for business people and who roam frequently to Europe and USA. 4. Increase Business productivity – No need to rely only upon Wi-Fi Hot spots. Mobile workers are the one who get the most out of this technology. Remote workers can connect anywhere to the internet without any issue, which will naturally increase the work productivity of the employees. This technology has got a great advantage to the business by making employees stay connected even while they travel to another country by avoid the loss of time due to data connectivity. 5. Save money on Wi-Fi Hot spots Gobi chipset help you to save money on Wi-Fi Hotspots, built-in mobile broadband 3G technology eliminates the need for Wi-Fi Hotspot and saves you from paying money for Wi-Fi Hotspot. 6. Faster and Secured data connectivity anywhere on the Go. If you are a businessman traveling to Europe or USA, accessing your important emails or documents through Wi-Fi Hotspot can be dangerous because of the security. However, Gobi brings you absolute data security when accessing the internet using this technology. It has got GPS receiver and real-time data protection, which disable any intruder accessing your data. Download speeds are lightning fast and connectivity to the internet is really quick as the built-in mobile antenna in the notebook can find signals very fast. These are the six benefits which I feel that this technology can bring to the people of Europe and USA. References:

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