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Day to day necessity of humans is groceries, if you can save something little out of Groceries you will not believe  when you look back you will feel that you have saved lot of money out of Groceries, Now I’m going to reveal you an  iPhone App which will save money on Groceries and it is called as Pushpins. This App is available for free in Apple iTunes store.

How Pushpins iPhone App works ?

Once you downloaded the app from app store and installed it on your iPhone, you are now ready to save money on Groceries through this app.

  1. First thing you need to do is to register for a free Pushpins Account.  Although people can view offers on Pushpins app without registration. Registering with Pushpins will help you in redeeming your discounts and offers by connecting it to your store savings card when you swipe at the register of the store.
  2. This app needs data connection and Just switch on the app when you enter into your local grocery store. Using iPhone scan the bar code on the product without any shadows or shake.
  3. Immediately you will see  a list of available offers for that particular grocery product in that store.
  4. This app will analyze that you get the relevant product details and savings. If you have a valid store savings card, Pushpins ties you with your store savings card.
  5. Just tap the offers related to that product in the app, which you wanted to redeem and then swipe with your store savings card, you will see that you will have saved money on that particular grocery product.

In this way Pushpins app is very helpful in saving money on Groceries. The savings will differ according to each store you purchase . This app can be used in almost 2000 stores and new offers and coupons added immediately and automatically to the app.

Note: This article is for informational purposes only.

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