Reasons why mobile platform based tablets will replace Netbooks

Reasons why mobile platform based tablets will replace Netbooks

Even though the notebooks and laptops manufacturers upgrading with the latest technologies, tablet is penetrating hard in the minds of the users, those who wanted to use Notebooks and Laptops are looking now to buy tablet PC.

Light weight and Portable

Nowadays, net books are lesser in weight, but tablets are far ahead when you compare the size or weight. Tablet can be carried easily when you are on a travel and it is comparatively more portable than any net books available in the market, that’s why people prefer to buy Tablets over Netbooks.

Instant Start

 Tablets can be started immediately as the display will never be switched off, whereas in case of notebooks and Laptops you need to start and load the programs each time, Tablet can be started instantly.

Longer Battery Life

Compared with Netbooks, Tablets have an extra battery life, iPad or any Android based Tablets promises over 8 hours of battery life which is far ahead battery lifetime when compared to Netbooks.

Top Features Matched

Most of the features are matched up with the Tablets. You can do almost all the work that you do with your Netbooks. After the release of Dual core processors for tablets, the fast which you can work with the Tablets are phenomenal.

 Downloadable Apps:

This is the one added feature where most of the people are interested to buy Tablets compared to Netbooks. Each App that you download to your Tablet has got one unique functionality where it gives the user more options, fun and entertainment.  User can dynamically use the Tablet by installing useful utility Apps.

Multi Touch feature

This is the special feature that is not available in Netbooks where you can operate the Tablets and navigate to all the features with ease.


Tablets is compact and portable entertainment that’s why most of the people are willing to buy Tablets over Netbooks. You can browse the internet through data card or Wi-Fi. You can check your E-mails or create Presentation.  You can play videos or hear to some good Music through Audio player.

Social Networking Website sharing

Tablets are a great and easy device to do Social networking. Whether it be a Facebook, Orkut or any other major social network  Tablets can easily share your data to other social networks.

These are the reasons why I feel that Mobile based Platform Tablets will replace the Netbooks soon in the future.



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