Secrets of successful project management tips

Secrets of Successful Project Management

Nowadays on all best circumstance its difficult to Manage software projects.Most of the new project managers does not receive any training. For suvrival sometimes project managers has to rely on coaching and survival tips from people who have done their duty in the Project management arena. Here are some of the tips for success,learned from both well-managed and challenged projects.Note these useful suggestions

Tip 1: Define Winning Formula for your project

At the start point, make sure the stakeholders share a common perceptive of how they will determine whether this project is successful. Possible successful factor is not only meeting the predetermined schedule too often, but there are certainly other options.Few examples are inflating market share, reaching a specified sales volume or returns, achieving clear-cut customer satisfaction measures, retiring a high-maintenance legacy system,and achieving a particular transaction processing volume and accuracy.

Tip #2: Finding out Project drivers, limitations, and degrees of Iiberty All Project needs to be balanced by its functionality, staffing, budget, schedule, and quality goals. Determine each of these five project dimensions as either a constraint within you must operate, a driver aligned with project achievement, or a degree of liberty that you can align within some stated bounds to succeed.

Tip #3: Assigning Product release basis Early in the project.

Decide what criteria will determine whether or not the product is ready for release. You might base release criteria on the number of high-priority defects still open, performance measurements, specific functionality being fully operational, or other indicators that the project has met its goals. Whatever criteria you choose should be realistic, measurable, documented, and ligned with what “quality” means to your


Tip #4: Negotiate commitments

Its always pressure to promise the impossible, never make a guarantee you know you can’t keep. Engage in good-faith negotiable transaction with customers and managers about what is practically achievable. Any input you have from previous projects will help you make compelling arguments, although there is no real protection against unreasonable people.


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