What is Computer Aided Manufacturing?

A computer system that is used for planning, managing, and controlling the manufacturing plant operations through indirect or direct computer interfacing along with the production resources is known as Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM). Functions of Computer Aided Manufacturing: The functions of Computer Aided Manufacturing include two huge categories, namely:

  • Manufacturing Planning, and
  • Manufacturing Control.

Manufacturing Planning: During this process, the computer is used in offline to deliver required information for providing effective production planning and management. This production planning and management includes:

  • CAPP (Computer Aided Process Planning): It concerns with the route sheets preparation and this route sheets lists the set of operations and work centers which is needed for producing the products.
  • Computerized Machinability Data System: It concerns with the machinability data generations like feed, speed and more.
  • Computer Assisted NC Part Programming: It concerns with the part program generation that is required for NC / CNC machine tools.
  • Development of Work Standards: It concerns with the standard time generation for job.
  • Estimation of Costs: It concerns with the production of total product costs.
  • Production and Inventory Planning: It includes the maintenance of automatic stock items recording, inventory records, maintaining priorities, production and capacity planning, and material requirements.
  • Computer Aided Line Balancing: It concerns with the work element allocation with assembly line work stations.

Manufacturing Control: Manufacturing Control is the computer system application that is used for managing and controlling the physical operations. It includes:

  • Process Monitoring and Control: It concerns with the observation and regulation of production equipment and manufacturing process.
  • Shop Floor Control: It concerns with collection of data from plant operations and this data is used for controlling the production and inventory.
  • Quality Control: It concerns with several approaches that is used for ensuring the
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  • Inventory Control: It concerns with the maintenance of inventory for reducing the investment, cost of storage, and to increase the customer service.
  • Just In Time Production System: It concerns with the item delivery to customers or to exact machines at the required time.

Benefits of Computer Aided Manufacturing:

  • Maximizes the productivity,
  • Flexibility,
  • Less manufacturing lead time,
  • Increased reliability,
  • Less scrap, and
  • Best management control.

Before concluding, Computer Aided Manufacturing helps to produce the products in a shorter lead time with the help of best manufacturing techniques.

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