Nissan releases Serena Minivan

Nissan Serena minivan already has more interior space, user friend and Serena DNA is now adding features like best fuel economy, Idling stop system etc. The fuel consumption is 15.4 km/l. The idling stop system has an ECO motor which helps to restart engine quick and quiet and also provide natural feel during driving and high interior comfort. It was announced to release on November 29, 2010.

Features of Nissan Serena Minivan:

Nissan Serena Minivan is powered by direct injection engine having Xtronic CVT. By this newly developed engine, the new Serena improves 25% increase in fuel economy, emits 75% less exhaust emissions and reduces 75% of weight taxes. It provides more interior spaces, high comfortable in driving, Eco motor features like Idling stop system and multi graphic upper meter. Nissan Serena Minivan comes with awesome exterior design. It offers four large headlights that emphasize the boldness look. It is designed with some of the sporty features like D pillars slanting upwards, rear lamps with crystal clear appearance and stop lamps mounted highly at three dimensional view. It provides high quality glossy finishing, switches, and white and blue lights in multi graphic upper meter bring excellent performance and visibility. Nissan Serena Minivan has increased the interior dimensions at 300 mm long. It provides greater visibility of easy driving with the help of large front glass window. It has triangular windows

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and panoramic windows. The seats can be easily cleaned in 20G models. It offers opening and closing of slide door automatically with single touch button. The multi graphic upper meter displays three functions alternatively such as idling stop timer function, Instant fuel consumption and Eco driver navigator function. Nissan Serena Minivan offers an advanced filter and plasmacluster ion generator provides intelligent air conditioning system in 20G models. It provides route calculation at high speed with an updated advanced map, 11 inch monitor with electronic retractable provides better visibility even to 2nd and 3rd row and highly well suited entertainment system. Some of the key features are Xenon headlamps, Halogen lamp in front bumper, Auto light system, High mount LED stop lamps, Remote controlled, Vehicle Dynamics Control with Traction control system function, Anti lock Braking system, Hill and Brake Assist, EBD, SRS air bag system, Low friction seatbelts and Auto speed control device. The price of all new Serena Minivan ranges from 2,163,000 yen to 2,761,500 yen. There will be an eye for many car users in Serena because it provides more interior spaces and sporty look.

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