Neck exercises for strengthening neck muscles

How to strengthen Neck Muscles

As many things in our human life are important such as food, clothing. If you take up a human body, back bone, spinal cord, and Neck muscles plays an important role in the process of our daily movement. The worst thing can happen for a human being is a cervical injury which can happen for even a person sitting in front of pc for more than 7 hours a day with less movement to the neck. It’s very important to protect muscles, which supports the cervical areas. Cervical injuries nowadays mostly happen to those who are sitting in front of computer with less movement to their neck for long hours.

Poor postures can aggravate and increase your neck pain. Here in this article am ready to tell you about some basic things to follow which inturn will strengthen your neck muscles and protect you from cervical injury.

Here are some of the Forward, Backward and side-to-side movements of Neck. Let us start as if i imagine that you are sitting on a bench in your best posture

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with your back straight. Firstly, Try to relax your head by slowing tilting down, stop not until your chin reaches your chest, remain in the same best posture now place both your hands palm behind your head and slowly raise your head give some resistance with both hands which is on the top of your head try to go back as much as you can. Now remove your hands from the head and place them in forehead again using resistance move your head forward until your chin touches your chest. Continue this exercise up to 10 repetitions.

Exercise – Two on Neck muscles

After you have completed the first one now relax your head towards one shoulder and take your palms and place it on the other side of your head. Now move your head to the other shoulder give some resistance with your hands as if it is stops your head to reach other shoulder. Do this for both sides up to 10 repetitions.

These above exercises helps you to strengthen your neck muscles, you can perform these exercises while sitting on your desk. Have a strong neck.

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