Important Features of Ms exchange server2010

Security Importance of an Email Communication

Email communication is the most important and frequently used function of a business, business needs security on all aspects, it is highly necessary to keep the outgoing and incoming emails protected and also the accessibility and the communication should go smoothly. Ms Exchange server provides security to email communications from viruses, spy wares, malwares etc., with high level accessibility, control over email, and you can send huge attachments with ease and it also got lot of benefits now we are going to read about the important features of Ms Exchange server 2010.

What are the important features of Ms Exchange server 2010?

Spectrum of communication in Ms Exchange server 2010

It helps in solving the basic problems of the  business environment by providing email archiving , access mail through mobile phones and further in addition to that you can use the voice mail without any third party tools.

High level security for email in Ms exchange Server

Outgoing emails are encrypted, which disables the hackers, Trojans, viruses, mal wares and spy wares and in addition to Microsoft Exchange server 2010 provides an universal inbox to users where they can access all the business applications from one point and also the load of the inbox is decreased to make it faster, more control over emails, increased settings of preferences are the new features of Ms exchange server 2010.

Easy administration

Ms Exchange 2010 has got a user friendly interface, and it is easy to administer, High level of security provides the email to function smoothly any hurdles.

Voicemail features with text preview

Voice mail has been the highlight, now users are free to receive voice mails messages with a text preview of that voice mail.

These are some of the features of Ms exchange server 2010.

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