Useful Zoomappy application

After the invention of  smart phones, there are many volunteers who have started to create applications for smart phones, this has become even more bigger with the release of Android, smart phone market has gone to sky rocket high and many consumers are buying only smart phones which has got various benefits such as browsing through the web, entertainment and also voice calling.

Three big marketplace for Mobile Apps?

There are  three big marketplace for Mobile apps, people used to download apps from these three big market place locations.

  • Apple inc  – Apple app store
  • Google’s  – Android Market place
  • Microsoft’s  – Windows market place

How Zoomappy makes Mobile Application Search easier?

Zoomappy is a mobile application and a discovery tool for finding applications  for smart phones. It is a one point solution for all your mobile application search. You can search from the above three big market places from this application.

It looks like a grid of application icons with plenty of rows and columns. You can select each icon to view the application, using this Zoomappy you can download games, free mobile applications and other premium applications from apple store, android marketplace and Windows Market place. This application saves a lot of time for the users, and they can download any application they want by using this zoomappy mobile application.

This application is not yet officially launched, the company is working hard on getting this application released with more feature, when this application is released it will be much easier for users having smart phones to search for mobile applications.

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