Ms Sql server 2008 benefits and features.


If you take a standalone application or a web application, in order to make the application robust it has to interact with the databases, Database is a collection of information stored in a structured way. Modern trends of interacting with the database are used through a structured query language (SQL).After the invention of Relational database management system Microsoft has introduced a server called Ms SQL  Server which is originated from Sybase SQL server. It interprets with these two primary languages T-SQL and the other one is ANSI SQL.

Benefits of MS-SQL server 2008 Enterprise

  • Manage data anywhere at any place
  • Complete security and reliability of data with robust backup functions.
  • Data is vital for any business to withstand in a long run, Sql data archiving helps a lot to enterprises using Ms SQL server 2008.
  • Reduces time and cost and also the time involved to develop applications in SQL.
  • Complete Control of Data from the largest data center to the mobile devices.
  • Information workers can integrate and access data through applications like Microsoft office.

Some Important Features of Ms SQL server 2008

  • High level of data compression resulting in less storage of tables indexes etc. and will be very useful while we restore the sql data.
  • User friendly admin and centralized management of servers. Configuration of each server is not needed.
  • Server Management studio helps in archiving the server databases.
  • Compatibility with previous versions of SQL.
  • Sql Data archiving is automated using Sql server agent jobs, centralized management helps in collecting the data much easier and faster. Collected data has got full control that your data will be cached and later on you can upload to the warehouse.
  • Higher level of resource governance where the administrators can check the usage of CPU and other hardware resources.
  • High level of encryption on storing the data.
  • Help companies to maintain data privacy.
  • Support for third party hardware tools.
  • Enhanced facility for data auditing.
  • High level of back up compression database will be automatically compressed. Options for storing it in a tape or a hard drive.
  • Tool to detect conflicts in the replication process.
  • Dedicated diagnostic utility make troubleshooting easy.

Research of data is possible through data profiling in MS SQL 2008

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