Introduction about Marketing Management

Marketing management is nothing but a strategy used to sell the products. After launching a product the corporate follows different ways to market their products, and it should be a long chain process like: Determining the types of product, a complete product analysis, analyzing that in what way the product satisfies the customers, knowing the needs of the customers, strategy to be used while selling the product.

A good strategy of marketing is also a best way of communication with the customers. A proper communication is the only way

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to know the customers need & expectation.

Marketing management is a team work process of manufacturing a right product at a right time and that product should reach the right customer.

So, the 3c’s plays a vital role in this marketing management. The 3c’s (namely customer, the competitor and the company) should always have an ethical behavior and good relationship with each other. A proper management is always necessary for a corporate.

What are the steps being followed in marketing management?

Product Innovation, right pricing for the product, place, promoting the products, distributing in various channels, services made, retailing, management of the brand name, marketing by accounts, marketing management, marketing strategy, marketing segmentation, dominating the market.

What are all the things to be remembered while promoting the product in the market?

Brand the product, publicity, placing the product in the market, promoting more sales, making publicity, underwriting the products, direct selling, making personal sales, marketing through Internet, and advertising through Medias. So marketing management plays a vital role in a corporate.

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