Three ways to learn about your customers

Three Ways to Learn about your customers

Most of the modern businesses suffer a lot through competition, but there is really a solution to overcome the competition and excel well in your business. The solution is to learn about your customers, this might be a difficult process but over a period of time, this strategy will give you lot of business plus more referrals to your business. Let us know about what are the ways to learn about a customer.

Way 1 – Characteristics of a customer

You need to collect the background information about each customer in some ways, I know its difficult but mostly this can happen as your regular customers will really do it for you, and you can conduct a competition and you can announce an attractive price for those customers filling up the form. Just collect this basic information and store it in a software or manually. I would suggest to design a software which can store all the details of the customer so that you can search and find out the statistics easily without wasting the time. Collect information about the basic things such as their age, Income, occupation, education and geographic factors. After finding out the basic information you categorize each customer and find out which group of customers has a more buying capacity. Which group of customers has got the highest and frequent transaction records?

Way 2 – Customer Motivation

This is the process you can adapt for collecting more information about your customer discount coupons, polls, competition and freebies these things have to be done periodically so that the customer feel that they will get the benefit out of purchasing from your store either from the price, the gift you offer plus with professional service before sales and after sales. By doing this on each process you can conduct a survey to get more information from the client.

  • By finding out the primary motivator for purchasing a product in your store
  • What type of gifts , rewards. they are attracted.
  • Primary decision making factors for a customer to purchase it from your store such as the price, quality and good after sales service.
  • Find out a successful marketing strategy for each customer group

Way 3 – Communicating with the customer

Communication must be a two way, you have all the contact details, once in a year or every Christmas just greet them with a greeting card, email them = homework help animals = ucl academic writing app = buy a dissertation online = spy apps for iphone = cell phone spy app for blackberry = best cell phone spy software remote install

your offers, SMS them through mobile, drag them to come to your store by giving discounts on a time limit basis. These things you can do to bring your existing customers to the store and also good referrals. These are the 3 ways to learn about a customer just follow it and increase your turnover in a year of time.

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