Kidney symptoms, why kidney fail?

How will You know if your kidneys fail?

Kidney failure from diabetes  happens so slowly that you may not feel ill at all for many years.You may feel ill to your stomach only when your kidneys stop functioning.You may not feel any signs of kidney failure until your kidneys have almost stopped. But, getting your blood and urine tested every year can tell you if your kidneys are still working or not.Once your  kidneys fail, you may feel sick to your stomach and feel tired all the time. Your skin may turn yellow.

You may feel puffy, and your hands and feet may swell from extra fluid in your body.

Various symptoms Of Kidney Disease:

1. Blood in the urine

2. Pain in the lower back, side,
or abdomen.

3. High blood pressure.

4. Diabetes.

5.Obstructions( kidney stones or cysts)

6. Infections.

7. Swelling in the feet and around the eyes.

8. Difficulty in Urination with Burning Sensations.

What should you do if your kidneys fail?

Initialiy, you will need dialysis treatment. Dialysis is a treatment that takes waste  products and extra fluid out of your body. There are two types of dialysis:

1. Peritoneal dialysis
: In peritoneal dialysis, your belly is filled
with a special fluid. The fluid collects waste products
and extra water from your blood. Then the fluid is
drained from your belly and thrown away.

2. Hemodialysis : In hemodialysis, your blood flows through a tube
from your arm to a machine that filters out the waste products and extra fluid. The clean blood flows back to your may be able to have a “kidney transplant”. This operation gives you a new kidney. The kidney can be from a close family member, friend, or someone you do not know.

You may be on dialysis for a long time. Many people are waiting for new kidneys. A new kidney must be a good match for your body.

How to Prevent Kidney Problems?

1. Drink plenty of fluids.

2. Evade prohibited drugs and the overuse of instruction and over-the-counter drugs

3. Control your blood pressure.

4. Avoid a high sodium diet

5. It is good to consult a doctor as symptoms and treatments are unique to each individual.

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