Intelligent Features of Samsung Galaxy SIII

Intelligent Features of Samsung Galaxy SIII

With more than 9 million pre order bookings, Samsung Galaxy SIII is the most awaited Smartphone of the recent times. Here is a discussion on some of the intelligent features of Samsung Galaxy SIII

Feature # 1 – S Voice

Initially, S Voice was introduced in Samsung mobiles in order to

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compete with Apple’s Siri and did not catch the imagination of the users like Siri did, however Samsung Galaxy SIII has an improvised version of S Voice, which allows the user to vocally answer calls, turn off and on the alarm, manipulate the music volume, etc. without operating manually.

Feature #2 – Social Tag

Samsung Galaxy SIII has incorporated Social Tag, which allows a user to attach the social media accounts of people in a photo album to their faces. Then a user has to just look at their photos to know about the updates of his/her or her friends!

Feature # 3 – Direct Call

If a user is messaging, someone and wants to call them instead, the user has to merely put the mobile to his/her or her ears, and the call would be directed against the person to whom the user had been messaging. One need not looks into the call logs or contacts to make a direct call.

Feature # 4 – Smart Stay

Smart Stay is yet another new feature of Samsung Galaxy SIII, which maintains a good viewing light for the user’s reading assignments by maintaining a contact with the user’s eyes through the front camera.

Feature # 5 – S Beam

Samsung Galaxy SIII has S Beam, which allows two mobiles to share contents like music, videos, files, pictures, etc. instantly by placing the mobiles beside each other. S Beam allows instant physical sharing.

Feature # 6 – All Share Play

However, another unique feature of Samsung Galaxy SIII which enables a user to access remote files by making use of Wi-Fi Direct, and DLNA is All Share Play. Documents, files and multimedia folder’s access are facilitated through All Share Play.

Feature # 7 – Buddy Photo Share

Another instance of innovation in Samsung Galaxy SIII is the Buddy Photo Share which recognized photos and faces from a user’s friend’s group and links them to the user’s album instantly. So sharing photos is made extremely simple as a user needs to merely touch a button, and all photos get shared to the user’s friend’s group immediately. Apart from these intelligent features, Samsung Galaxy SIII has a wide-screen Super AMOLED Led display, great cameras and good architecture. Is it worth the fanfare being attached to it? One has to wait and see! Source

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