What is Industrial Automation

Automation means Self Dedicated that comes from Greek work. The automation can be done through roboticization, computer numerical control etc. This will help in the reduction of need for human intervention. Nowadays they became the important source in industries because they produce good quality in low cost. The control of industrial machines and process with the help of computer by replacing human operators is known as Industrial Automation. Features of industrial automation: Nowadays industrial automation is done mostly with the robots. The use of robots can be divided into three categories:

  • Material handling,
  • Processing,
  • Assembly and inspection.

The purpose of material handling robots is to pick up parts and place them on another. The processing operations include spot welding, continuous arc welding and spray painting. Spot welding is done by fusing two sheet metals together by passing large electric. Arc welding is a continuous process whereas the spot welding is a discontinuous process. Spray painting is a hazardous process for human beings because of fire hazards. The industrial robots mainly work with the help of machine vision. Machine vision is a technology with sensor for sensing vision data, interpretation by computer while inspection and identification of part. They have camera for performing this process. The machine vision system operation consists of three important functions namely

  • Sensing and digitizing image data,
  • Image processing and analysis,
  • Application.

The industrial robots require programming for operation. The programming can be done in several ways. The one method is that the manipulator is driven to the places where the operation is to perform and recorded the motions in robots memory. The second method is the activities to be performed by textual programming in the computer. Another way is that the motions are taught to the robot with the help of Teach Pendant. Advantages of

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Industrial Automation:

  • High quality,
  • Repeatability,
  • Reduced manufacturing lead time,
  • Increase in production,
  • Labour cost is reduced.

Disadvantages of industrial automation:

  • Costly setup,
  • Skilled operators are required,
  • Does not guarantee results,
  • Maintenance is difficult.

Some industries have lacking of productivity ratio in their product. However the setup of industrial automation cost is high, the industries started picking up industrial automation to develop their productivity ratio at low cost and good quality.

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