Impressive four features of Samsung QX412 Laptop

Recently, Samsung has included another QX series’ laptop in its lineup with the product name Samsung QX412 laptop.  In this article, you can note about the top four impressive features about this laptop.

1.Brighter display:

The first interesting attractive feature that certainly makes you impress will be its 14 inches LED back lit display. This display delivers an excellent viewing experience with the help of  its vibrant Super Bright display (300 nits brightness). It brings 36 percent extra brighter display than any other conventional display which is (220 nits), and  you can enjoy difference in viewing  the laptop.

2. Powered by powerful and fast processor:

It is always good to have fast performing device with you. This device has a powerful and fast Second Generation Intel Core i5 – 2410M Dual Core Processor and this processor is also integrated with a graphics card (1 GB Nvidia GeForce GT 520M or Intel HD 3000) for delivering better graphics to you while playing games or for other purposes.

3. Fast Start Technology:

I think that the Fast Start Technology may make you wonder when you come to know about this technology. The reason for wonder is that it switches to your currently operating desktop from standby mode within three seconds, and it also saves your unsaved files or other data in the hard drive automatically.

4. Long – Standing battery life:

One feature that people will definitely expect is the duration of  battery. If you are out for a business meeting or traveling to distant places, you  require a long battery life and this laptop delivers you a battery life of  about  eight hours. Therefore, you need not have any worry about the battery life.

Recently this laptop was released in European markets with a price tag of EUR 949. I hope these impressive features like brighter display, light weight and also the long battery life will make people to buy this laptop.

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