HTC thunderbolt smartphones Gets skype Video

HTC thunderbolt smart phones are one of the popular smart phones in USA. As the first smart phone to claim LTE connectivity comes with a price tag of 249$. Those who have bought HTC Thunderbolt can enjoy Skype video chat. This is an exclusive Android app only for HTC Thunderbolt users.

Features of Skype Video Chat Android app

You need 4G or 3G connection in order to realize the video clarity of a video call.

If you are user of Skype and if you have Skype video chat conventionally , this app resembles the same, it is really a good News for HTC Thunderbolt owners to experience Video calling with good clarity.

How to download and install this app in HTC Thunderbolt?

Remember this app is exclusively designed for HTC Thunderbolt devices, if you want to download the qr code and install it even in another model of HTC it will not work, make sure that you have HTC Thunderbolt Android device. Download the QR code from here, and Scan the app and with the help of Bar Code Scanner scan the QR code and then install it on your HTC Thunderbolt. Note: This article is for informational purposes only.