Group discussion for Interview

Group discussion is a most significant round in an interview. In group discussion, the selected candidates are divided into several teams. These divided teams are given some general topic to discuss. Each candidate should deliver a speech about the topic and should find the solution for the problem with excellent body language and good communication skills. Be ready to say answers for the questions asked by the opposite teams. Always deliver best ideas for creating more chance to get selected in group discussion.

Types of Group Discussion:

  • Controversial,
  • Factual,
  • Abstract,
  • Group task and
  • Case study.

Necessity for Group Discussion:

  • The thoughts delivered should be clear and understandable to everyone.
  • Listen to others discussions carefully.
  • Have high team spirit.

Various parts of Group Discussion:

  • Building of ideas,
  • Delivering ideas,
  • Chaos period,
  • Conclusion.

Points to mark on during a Group Discussion:

  • Good audible communication skills.
  • Analyse the facts and its examples.
  • Deliver good body language.
  • Make everyone to listen and agree the ideas.
  • Be a team worker.
  • Sit in a good position.

Important points to keep on mind for group discussion:

  • Think for few minutes before speaking in group discussion.
  • Have good body language.
  • Deliver the thoughts confidently and slowly.
  • Make full use of the time.
  • Do not speak only with one person. Always speak to all persons.
  • Listen to other thoughts carefully and attack them with good questions.
  • Do not stop speaking about the topic before it is said to finish.
  • Always be precised on the thoughts.
  • Never look at the interview conductors.
  • Do not show any personal emotions while speaking.

Points to be done on group discussion:

  • Be a good speaker and listener.
  • Attack others with good points.
  • Always be involved in the discussion.
  • Utilize the time.
  • Mainly talk when others are silent.
  • Be intelligible and articulate.

Points should not be done on group discussion:

  • Do not be sluggish.
  • Do not rush to answer.
  • Do not be very aggressive.
  • Do not interrupt suddenly.
  • Do not speak other languages except English.



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