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Photo organizer – Google’s Picasa

The Picasa photo organizer is the first hard disk-installed software ever. It
is a photo software & that Google has acquired on July last year and it has now released the latest version of Picasa as Version 2.7, Build 37.36 – October 30, 2007 Different from previous versions, Picasa 2.7 has significantly enhanced its editing tools and searching ability. With a added support of 7 important languages Croatian, Czech, Greek, Hungarian, Portuguese (Portugal), Romanian, and Ukrainian. And Picasa 2.7 helps yoou to click and see instantaneous edits of your digital photos,using white balance, lighten gloomy shots, crop, flatten curved  horizons, zoom and also you can add gentle focus.

Your options are displayed all the times,  so you can see what you like and if you are not interested in editing, there are also multiple UNDO options available to you. Picasa easily mingles the editing tools of Adobe Elements and other popular software application without any outflow.

Microsoft’s desktop can locate photo images,But it can only able to guide the words that are shown within the data that your camera automatically adds, as well as any words in the photo filenames. None of those new products are going to help you find your photos more other thanpicasa.

Your photos certainly does not contain enough information to find all the digital pictures of a particular family member. It’s not going to happen without a nice photo management software and a little bit of effort from your side also.But if you have both then you will surely find success.

Features and Benefits of Version 2.7, Build 37.36 –

  • Find the pictures you forgot you had.
  • Move and re-name pictures from inside Picasa.
  • Make a label.
  • Support added for multiple languages
  • Corrupted AVI files will not crash now as previous
    versions has this problem.
  • Press CTRL+ ALT to view Full Screen Preview Now.
  • Fixed a issue with the previous picasa versions jumping to the wrong picture after it deletes a picture.
  • Added Metadata to jpg while exporting and importing Jpeg’s.
  • Add a star rating.
  • Keep one picture in multiple albums.
  • Password-protect collections.
  • Basic Fixes are back – and better.
  • Amazing effects turn so-so pictures into works of art
  • Write captions that stay with the picture.
  • Zoom. Pan. Tilt. Get the angle you intended.
  • Send photos via email that are a joy to receive.
  • Make beautiful slide shows.
  • Move to any device or folder.
  • Burn to CD or DVD for archive purposes.
  • Give gift CDs with slide shows.
  • Create a network backup of your pictures.
  • Put pictures on your own site, for free.

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