Four Notable Features in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox

Four Notable Features in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox

We endeavor to list four great features in the latest versions of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Feature # 1 –  Speed and Simplicity

Traditionally Google Chrome has had a simple user friendly design which has been further enhanced. The new architecture has the facility of opening the settings as a tab instead of opening it in a separate window. The latest offering from Google Chrome is faster and can handle complicated dynamic content efficiently.
Mozilla Firefox has also revamped its layout and has moved the tabs above the URL window giving it a very neat structure. The new version is faster and also allows integrating bookmarks, passwords, open tabs and passwords with any device running on Firefox, making it, particularly simple for Android users having the Firefox browser. A further enhancement called panorama allows a user to create a collection of tabs, which can be opened and closed together.

Feature 2-  Improved Security

Google Chrome has improved its security by adding malware reporting and discarding outdated plug-ins. The Sandboxing feature provides additional security. Sandbox has been extended to the Adobe Flash Player too.
Mozilla has also improved the casino online security facets of Firefox. An improved protection against crashing has ensured that any crash is restricted to just the tab and does not cause the whole window to collapse. Thus, by merely reloading a page in a tab, the crash can be handled and there is no loss of other data.

Feature 3 – Easy Imports from Other Browsers

Both, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, have made importing data from other browsers very easy and user friendly. This implies that a non-native user of the browser would not find the switch difficult to handle or time consuming.

Feature# 4 – HTML Support

Google Chrome is the only browser to score above 300 in HTML 5 tests. This means that this is the browser best suited to support HTML tags. In order words, Chrome does a great job translating the HTML language to a web page and with minimal errors.

Mozilla Firefox has also improved its HTML support capacities. The latest version has improved HTML tag translating features, thereby minimizing HTML errors.

Summing up, the above four improved features of the newest versions of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox has increased the user friendliness of these two browsers and is aimed at making the browsing experience a great one.



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