Four Good Reasons to Opt for Intel’s Ivy Bridge Processors

Four Good Reasons to Opt for Intel’s Ivy Bridge Processors


Intel’s Ivy Bridge processor has hit the market and is available for online booking. In this article we discuss the reasons which could tempt avid computer gamers to move on to Intel’s Ivy Bridge processor.

Reason # 1 – New Technology

Intel’s Ivy Bridge processor has an innovative design which has a 3-d transistor created at 22nm. This technology is called the new trigate technology and has been used for the first time ever. This means that the transistor occupies lesser space and hence is capable of high speed. Since computer gamers

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thrive on speed, opting for Intel’s Ivy Bridge processor would enhance the rapidity of their games.

Reason # 2 – Improved Performance and Better Graphics

The trigate technology used in Intel’s Ivy Bridge processor also has a good positive impact on the speed of the processor. This processor outperforms the older versions by almost 37% which is a great leap forward for any game exponent. The advent of the new technology has also improved the graphic features and resulted in better quality graphics, a positive change between 20%-50%. This is a great improvement and a definite allure for any fan of computer games.

Reason # 3 – Consumes Lesser Energy and Power

By packing more transistors in a given space and by the use of the new trigate technology; Intel’s Ivy Bridge processor consumes lesser energy and power when compared to its predecessors. This is obviously an added advantage to any gamer because he/she can play for a longer time without worrying too much about the power bill! Lesser energy also means lesser carbon footprints and a great move forward towards green technology. For the environment friendly gamer, this would definitely reduce the guilt factor of gaming on high end computers!

Reason # 4 – Backward Compatible

Intel’s Ivy Bridge processor is backward compatible with the Sandy Bridge motherboards. So owners of Sandy Bridge processors will have an upgrade to the Ivy Bridge Processor. This means that gamers need not shell out extra cash from their pockets to acquire a new Ivy Bridge processor. They also need not worry about reselling their old processors. Intel is also planning to come out with dual core compatible versions of the Ivy Bridge processor. To sum up, we can say that Intel’s Ivy Bridge processor is a giant step forward in terms of performance, speed and reduction of carbon footprints, which is in line with most of the countries’ green telecom plans. Source References Intel Intel Ivy Bridge Chips: Launch Dates Leaked

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