Fleet management software


The term Fleet Management is used to cover the management of all phases connecting
to a company’s mobile labor force fleet, from the portion of resources to management of fuel economies. Fleet management software helps you with the tracking, management
and maintenance of a fleet of business vehicles in an organized manner.

Fleet Management Software Components

Fleet Management software
naturally consists of four main components:

  • vehicle maintenance component
  • vehicle tracking component
  • transmit component
  • exposure component

Fleet management software supplies a number of convincing benefits to the business
proprietors such as:

  • Reduce overtime costs
    Fleet management software allows you
    to track start-of-day to end-of-day drive times,
    validate service times, and unnecessary side trips.

  • Stop unauthorized vehicle
    Fleet management software
    allows you to track after-hours and off-day
    vehicle usage.

  • Improved customer service
    Fleet management software
    allows you to put together competitive job bids
    by being able to accurately estimate (and guarantee)
    drive times and create more efficient work orders.

  • Reduced fuel costs – Fleet
    software permits you to track vehicle speeding,
    unnecessary side trips and excessive idling times.
    With gasoline costs at an all-time high, it is
    critical that be able to reduce unwanted fuel

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